Friday, June 21, 2024

Seamlessly Street Crop Photos

by Cristina

Lots of photos of the Seamlessly Street Crops. My store hasn’t received these yet but as an In The Flow lover I’m going to have to try them on when I see them. My most worn black In The Flows have been retired after a year of heavy usage when I realized there were parts of the material that have become sheer with wear. Patches of thin sheer material in the inner thigh. Its easier to tell when luon wears down because you can see the pilling, sueding and wear but with this material, unless you hold it up to the light you don’t really see where the material is getting worn thin. I was annoyed at first but then I calculated that I’ve been wearing them 5x per week for rough workouts for an entire year and so that is a pretty reasonable duration for cost per wear. I’ll probably hack up the legs and turn them into headbands. 

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