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Mail Day! Mod Moves Crops In Savasana Camouflage, Soot Light Full On Luon Wunder Under Crops

May 9, 2014

I had a terrible no good very bad day today thanks to back to back to back appointments all across the lower mainland. Seriously, Coquitlam to New West, back to Coquitlam, to Downtown Vancouver, to Burnaby, to Coquitlam. It was awful. And to top it all off, one if the last chores I wanted to get done today was go back to Lululemon to get a security tag taken off which was forgotten yesterday and I didn’t get to do that. Oh well. I came home to a good mail day and that made it almost worth it. First up was the parcel I got from a friend in Australia (thank you Ms. N!!!!), the Mod Moves Crops in Savasana Camouflage. Love them!! I suspect they will eventually make their way here to North American stores but I’m glad that when they do  I can sit that frantic upload ordering process out and let everyone else have at’er. 

 Item number two are the Soot Light Full On Luon Wunder Under Crops. I have mixed feelings about these because I really love them and love the color, and they are opaque with really soft cottony luon. The just feel really nice on. My mixed feelings come from the back view because the color is so light it sort of highlights cellulite. It wasn’t so bad here at home, but I had a chance to try them on yesterday in store and with the store lighting it was creating shadows in areas making my cellulite really obvious. Have you read this article by the way? The Dirty Little Secret Of The Female Athlete: Cellulite I wish I could marry my logical acceptance about cellulite with my emotions about cellulite and my feelings of vanity. I’ll probably keep these pants, but I will always have cellulite so my only option is to just deal. 

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