Monday, June 17, 2024

Fit Reviews: Shanti Surf Shorts, Heathered Earl Grey Cool Racerback and Barely Pink Wee Are From Space Cool Racerback

by Cristina

I have to start my review of the Shanti Surf Shorts with the disclaimer that my review is really only relevant to those of you that are pear shaped and have pretty big quads…and long torso, and issues with low rise shorts. I love these shorts and what they could have been (material, print, reversibility, style) but the rise is so low on me that I really only feel comfortable wearing them with a long tank and to the pool because they otherwise look like bikini bottoms on me. I cannot wear these as shorts, they are strictly for the pool/beach. The length of them is precariously either going to show too much butt cheek on me, or if I pull them down to cover butt cheek you see plumbers butt. I can only wear them with my bikini bottoms on underneath (as apposed to with undies for casual wear shorts) The waist is soft and comfortably loose and the overall fit of the shorts is relaxed but they are so short from waist to hem that they look very small. When you have a higher rise proportion in combination with a long torso, the span of your inseam to top of hip is a lot greater than the average person. 

I am up about 15lbs from last summer though so I would like to keep these and reassess after a couple rounds of whole 30 because that may make all the difference in wether or not I can wear them as shorts. They are TTS which is size 10 (my Tracker shorts are size 10), but I personally would have probably sized up to a 12 if it had been available just to avoid my shorts getting swallowed up entirely and to gain a bit of length and rise. The reviews on these are overwhelmingly great and people are calling them a generous TTS – I’m just disappointed in how they are fitting me mostly because I love them and want them to work out for me so bad. 

 The other item I got was the Heathered Earl Grey Cool Racerback. Its incredibly soft and stretchy and I think it fits looser than my other Cool Racerbacks. It reads more grey in person but its a very intriguing grey with green undertones, I’m not sure its a flattering color on me. Usually heathered Cool Racerbacks have lots of white flecks in the color but this one doesn’t have much of that patterning in the heathered. 

I was surprised to really love the Barely Pink Wee Are From Space Cool Racerback. On the hanger it is so blah, but when I put it on it was quite flattering and didn’t wash me out. Its very opaque for such a light color, and its very soft. No Polyester in this blend at all. I think this is the only item from the last 2 weeks that I am for sure going to be keeping. 

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