My store had a lone Twist Tee in today for markdown to $39, which excited me because I thought it was cute when I saw it online and half regretted not ordering it after it sold out. Well, I’m really glad I didn’t. I thought the tee was pleated at the neckline and at the hemline which is what creates the ‘twist’ in the front of the shirt but its actually an opening in the shirt which slightly overlaps. If you lean forward even slightly, it gaps open and exposes you from neckline to hem. I could have loved this tee if it had not been open at the front. 

Please excuse my 6 pack abs and the fact that I’m wearing flip flops in torrential rainy weather (for those of you in Vancouver) and for the fact that I’m wearing my Carry & Go Crops in every fit review I’ve done lately. Sweatpants do not mean I’ve given up, it means I’m more comfortable than you are. 

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