Thursday, June 20, 2024

Fit Review: Big Store Product Drop! Whamo Camo, Earl Grey and More

by Cristina

My store got a huge product drop today for their start of the Month. The Go Lightly Bag was in today in Whamo Camo and it was super pretty with pink gold hardware,  but I didn’t get one (yet!). Lots of new Earl Grey items (DSJ and Studio Pants *regular), To Class Jacket in Seabed, Burlap, and Heathered Earl Grey, Hot Spell Bras in Earl Grey and Barely Pink. 

Whamo Camo Cool Racerback

Denim Luon Whamo Camo Wunder Under Crops

Luxtreme Wunder Unders in Burlap Texture

Groovy Stripe Dune

Earl Grey – Looks a lot like a steel blue green more so than a grey. 

The Whamo Camo CRB is TTS, and the same silky polyester as the Camouflage and Secret Garden CRB’s. Although this one, the print did go slightly white/lighter at the bust so if you are large busted you may want to go up in size if you want to avoid that. 

Luxtreme Wunder Unders in Burlap Texture

I grabbed these in a size 8, my size down, because they were still putting out sizes. I usually size down to an 8 in denim luon for crossfit (the horror!). I need that compression though in order to keep my pants up during 1 billion burpees. In these though, the size 8’s where quite sheer and too compressive so I would have stuck to a 10 in the Burlap WU’s. I wasn’t crazy about the print on me though, the color reads murky and splotchy so even though I love a neutral print, these didn’t do it for me. 

The size 8 Whamo Camo Wunder Unders where the right fit for me though (for function over fashion purposes), and I love the denim luon. I wasn’t crazy about the print on bottoms though but I did really like the Cool Racerback so thats what I grabbed. 

They were just putting out the To Class Jackets so I grabbed the only size 8 they had knowing it would be too small. I don’t care for the jacket but was really just curious to inspect it up close. The material is a nice soft jersey cotton but its double layered and quite thick and bunchy. I need to try it on again in my size to give it a fair shot. Its sort of a relaxed structureless blazer style with the collar and buttons. Like a professors cardigan. 

This top was in store today too in a Barely Pink

Thanks to Ms. R for the awesome picture!

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