Saturday, June 15, 2024

Brief Sighting Of Camouflage Mod Move Crops in Vancouver!

by Cristina

Wonderful reader Ms. C sent me a picture of the Camouflage Run Mod Moves Crops that she found at the Robson Street Vancouver store earlier today. They had a few in, but they sold out almost immediately which really doesn’t surprise me since Lulu teased us with these two months ago when they were uploaded to the Australian website. For weeks and weeks, many of us waited for them to get uploaded here on Monday nights and every week we’ve been disappointed. When I heard they were at Robson, I decided to stop in at Coquitlam to check but they told me they never got them in and Robson was the only store to get them today. Another reader checked Metrotown and also learned the same. 

The other day, since I had some Paypal money and since it was my birthday I opted to have a friend in Australia (Ms. L who many of us know and appreciate greatly) get me a pair. She found the last pair in my size at her store so I’m glad I got that one and glad that I can sit out the frantic attempts at upload on Monday night. I’m hoping they are uploaded and product dropped to stores on Monday so that all of you guys waiting for them get a crack at getting them. 

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