Product Drop Monday: Mat To Street Pant, Pigment Cool Racerback (?) Pop Pink Light Forme and More

April 21, 2014

I think this is the Pigment Cool Racerback, although it may be the Pipe Dream Blue one that was uploaded last week to the US side. Below it is the Heathered Cashew/White Cool Racerback which my store had in today. Coquitlam also got in the Secret Garden Inspire Crops, and Secret Garden Cool Racerback and Secret Garden Energy Bra with black straps. 

Pow Pink Light Forme

Secret Garden Energy Bra. I would have been all over this if the back straps where printed as well. 

Coastal Tank in Pigment and Mat To Street Pants

Mudra Sweatshirt and Astro Wunder Unders