by Cristina

Fit Review: Mudra SS Sweatshirt, And Pictures of In The Flow Dress, Sun Salutation Pant

April 4, 2014

In The Flow Dress

For fun, I tried on this weirdly designed Mudra SS Shirt. I was intrigued by the idea of a short sleeved pullover/hoodie and would have liked this had it been a thin cotton french terry with a nicer drape (like the Exhalation Pullover) instead of this heavier version which just hung and bunched and didn’t flow very nicely. Also, I wish it didn’t have that breast pocket and the really bunchy hip pockets. 

This is a size down from my usual and its quite baggy with the exception of the arms which are tight at the bicep. 

You can see here how tight it is at the seam on my arm. 

Sun Salutation Pant

Empress Mala Designs

Empress Mala Designs