Monday, June 17, 2024

Fit Review: Coastal Tank

by Cristina

I’ve been intrigued by the Coastal Om Tank since a few weeks ago when it got uploaded and then sold out by the next day. It was totally off my radar last year when they first came out, and then all of a sudden I understood the ingeniousness of a tank that can be worn to the pool (chlorine safe swim material) and the gym (its pretty much luxtreme and sweat wicking) and casually (sorta looks like a silk tank) plus, its loose and flowy! So when I noticed that some local stores got them in today I rushed to my store and learned that once again, this item will not be going to that store. It seems like my closest store has been demoted to a lower tier store lately and isn’t getting much product. Anyways, an ed at my store happened to be wearing it (purchased at a top tier store) and it looked adorable on her so I rushed off to Metrotown where they got them in in both Pigment and Secret Garden. I chose to try on my size as well as the size down and I was really very torn on sizing. I liked the flowyness of my TTS and was going to go with that, but the size down was still flowy and long in length and I felt like the straps covered more bra area so I came home with my size down but now I’m second guessing myself. Otherwise, I really love this tank.  I  need to figure out what kind of bra will look the nicest with this tank without taking away from the pretty delicate strap detailing. 

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