Friday, June 14, 2024

Cashew Black Wee Are From Space Wunder Under Crops

by Cristina

I did a dumb thing today. I went to the store to exchange my Carry and Go Crops for the Cashew WAFS Crops and when I got home I realized I grabbed the wrong size. I grabbed a size 6 instead of size 8, even though in store I double checked them and was sure I saw size 8….obviously I was seeing things the way I wanted to see things. I really liked the Carry and Go Crops a lot but I was torn on keeping them because I never wear sweat pants, ever. If I’m home and feel like being cozy I wear my pyjamas, otherwise I’m wearing jeans when I leave the house. The Cashew WU’s though, I know I would at least wear them a ton to Crossfit – so it was the old casual lulu vs. functional lulu dilemma for me. 

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