Thursday, June 20, 2024


by Cristina

Boy that was another frustrating experience. I had to order again in French, and since I used paypal I had to go through all the paypal steps in French as well. I ordered the Dance Studio Jacket in Bali, and the Camo Cool Racerback. I was really tempted by the Forme Jacket in WAFS Cadet Blue but waffled until I saw a sneak peek of the WAFS Cadet Blue CRB and realized I’d rather just have that. I was also ogling the Chase Me Crops (had last years version and LOVED them) in the Black Camouflage. I like it but I worry it will be really shiny so I passed. 

What did you order tonight? 

and now, the website has actually fully crashed. 

I’m really liking this broody new background. Nothing I hate more than a white item showcased against a stark white background. 

Several sneak peeks of new items. Transformation Wrap is back, Petite Fleur Scoop Neck Tank, Cadet WAFS CRB and Scoop Neck Tank

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