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March 20, 2014

I think everyone that ordered something on Monday nights upload is starting to feel a little ragey wondering where their packages are and wether or not their orders have completed. I ordered a CRB and normally I would have gotten a shipping notice yesterday with delivery today, but it’s still stuck in processing. Although I’ve never had an order take this long to process, they do have a full 48 hours to email shipping and tracking info so I’m not going to quite blow a gasket until those 48 hours are up. After those 48 hours though, all bets are off. I hope if they take longer than those 48 hours they send out an email informing customers of what the hold up is. 

Heathered Lullaby Swiftly SS

Every Yogi LS

Antidote Yin To Yang Hobo

Heathered Fatigue Scuba Hoodie

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