Just stopped in at my local store and there were a few new items in. The Milky Way Denim Wunder Under Crops were in, Flip Your Dog LS in Fatigue, a Black/Grey Tonka Stripe, and a Heathered Mid Grey. Solid Lullaby Energy Bra. Lullaby/Cadet Blue WAFS No Limit Tank and a Cashew/Petite Fleur No Limit Tank was in as well as a Petite Fleur Flow Y Bra. The Petite Fleur Print in both these items was scaled down quite a bit. After Asana Hoodies in four colorways, Petite Fleur, Heathered Cadet, Two Tone Grey and a Black/Grey Tonka Stripe. Nothing for me today (yet) as I’m waiting for the Bali Breeze Dance Studio Jacket to come out. 

Oooh, I did see a petite fleur bang buster and the reverse side was Antidote Green. I kinda liked the bright vibrant Antidote paired next to the Cashew splotches on the print. 

After Asana Pullover

New shoppers!


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