Tons of new goodies in store today and I was tempted by so much. I loved both jackets and the vest but I ended up getting the Fo Drizzle Jacket and leaving behind the rest. I’m considering selling my Turn Around LS (Alberta Lake, size 10 if you were wondering) in order to get the Spring Fling Windbreaker. They don’t serve the same purpose but thats ok I think. 

The Spring Fling Vest was really cute on, and surprisingly the capped sleeves were not tight and layered over my Chai Time Pullover really comfortably. This is my TTS 10, and I think had it been a touch longer I would have jumped. I can’t see a use though for a short sleeve lightweight vest. 

Spring Fling Puffy Windbreaker

This was my TTS 10 and it was soft and comfortable all over. I loved the color and loved the rose gold zipper on it along with the feminine ruffle detailing. Its pretty lightweight though and although its 600 Fill its not super warm, its just really soft. Perfect for a dry spring day.  

 Fo Drizzle Jacket

I LOVED this jacket, its everything I love about the Right As Rain Jacket but the length and fit is way better for me. Its butt covering at the back but the length isn’t overwhelming on my short frame. This is my TTS 10 and it layers easily over my sweater, although if you have really wide traps you may find the back tight until you unzip the back zip and then it loosens right up. I was bummed at the price but really, its the same as the Right As Rain Jacket and in rainy vancouver a jacket like this is invaluable. 

Love Some Run 1/2 Zip

TTS 10, and not overly fitted. The Heathered Very Light Flare RULU was so pretty in person and especially soft. It reminded me so much of Heathered Persimmon from 2010. I can’t really justify a run pullover but if I could I would have gotten one of these two pullovers today. 

Forthright 1/2 Zip

I really liked this pullover too with the banded hem and the mint moment/surge stripes. I assume those are the colors but I’m not 100% sure. Its a touch Ivivva but I didn’t mind its youthfullness. I’m 34 and I just wear what I like.

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