Fit Report: Not So Petite Fleur Wunder Under Crops

February 20, 2014

I went to my store this afternoon to check out the latest and I was shocked that I loved the Petite Fleur Wunder Unders so much. They are slightly textured like denim luon but without the thickness or fuzzyness. They are very compressive though and smoothing and the print really hides imperfections. I went with size 8 (I buy WU’s in both 8’s and 10’s depending) and the 8 gave slight muffin top, however, I liked the compression. They are completely opaque in a squat, with and without flash, even in my size down. My worry with this print was that they may make my legs look heavier or thicker (sort of like the Platoon Print WU’s that were uploaded monday made the model look slightly shorter) but I don’t think they are making my legs look bigger than they already are thanks to the movement of the print. 

I have a dilemma though because I was planning on using my gift card for the Camo Run: Mod Moves Crops that are upcoming (in Australia right now) and so I have to choose between this pair and those, or I can sell something else to make it a wash. What I like about these is that although they are busy, they are very neutral and go with almost all of my Cool Racerbacks. The Camo however, as much as I love Camo, may be limited with how much I can pair with it. Both are equally useful for me for Crossfit function wise – the Petite Fleur having the potential to pick up more dirt off dirty mats. 

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