Thursday, June 20, 2024

Fit Review: Black Camouflage Wunder Under Crops SC2B/Soot/Black

by Cristina

Hooray! My store got the Black Soot Camouflage Wunder Under Crops in this afternoon and they are actually the new denimy textured luon just like the Petite Fleur, Floral Platoon and Milky Wunder Unders. I love this new material as its almost all Nylon, matte, compressive, textured and completely opaque! I’m thinking I’m going to keep these Wunder Unders instead of the Fatigue Camo Mod Moves Crops that are supposed to be coming since they are a lot more subtle and will pair with almost every other color I have very easily. These were flying off the shelves this afternoon which is why I think the first store I went to didn’t have them. 

For size reference, I got these in size 8 which is a size down for me. I usually go with size 8’s for Wunder Under Crops though (as long as they aren’t sheer) so that I have more compression and less slippage. I sacrifice a bit of muffin top though by sizing down but I feel like I need the extra compression for the workouts I do. Here they are paired with a Cool Racerback so that you can see how much muffin top they give me in a size down. This is an acceptable level for me, because frankly, nobody at my gym really gives a poop if I have muffin top or not. 

Sorry about the scuffed up wall. I let my kids drive their toys inside. 

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