I knew the Lulu Lab Colab pieces were coming to select stores but I had no idea they would be made available online. Nothing enticing me tonight. I was hoping for Zing Pink Apex Stripe CRB but it looks like instead we are getting the solid one with neck detailing. I’m a color lover and this month the only items I’ve gotten have been black or white which is highly unusual for me. Oh, I did get the Mint Moment CRB and I love it but even then, thats a pretty subdued color by my standards. 

Did you order anything tonight? What about the Lab Colab pieces? I wonder if this colab was timed during a transition period with manufactures. Have you noticed how light the product offerings have been since mid December? 

Lululemon Lab Colab

Future Varsity Tank

*Ended up ordering this to try on for a fit review. I was intrigued by the Merino Wool. 

 Somewhat tempted by these Groovy Runs but I’d probably just sock them away until Summer when crops are not an option. 

Lab coat


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