Friday, June 14, 2024

The Latest: Ebb To Street Tank in Baroque Blue and Zing Pink, Mula Bundle Wrap

by Cristina

I went to Metrotown Lululemon and I was kind of shocked that there were three women right at store opening madly searching for the Wee Are From Space Fatigue Green Wunder Under Crops that sold out last night in under 30 minutes. These are pants that haven’t even been featured in any product alerts, store pictures and where only online briefly last night yet people were clamouring for them today. My size was sold out already as were the size 6’s. I wonder if there will be restock on these. I’m still torn on them since the color combo is clashy with most items and kinda murkey, but I do like the idea of pairing them with Zing Pink. 

Ebb To Street Tank in Zing Pink, Baroque Blue, Black Stripe

Mula Bundle Wrap, Raspberry In The Flow Crops

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