Friday, June 14, 2024

New! Fit Review: Post Practice Cardi

by Cristina

I decided to swing by my store today in off chance of seeing something new like the Zing Pink Power Y, but instead I saw this awesome new cardigan called the Post Practice Cardi. It comes in Black, and Orange (not sure which orange it was) and its priced at $138. I find the price steep considering the material of the cardigan is cotton and not the usual boolux cashmere blend. None the less, I loved the styling of it, loved how lightweight and airy it was and I came home with the black in a size down.  It just felt really stylish on and when I saw it on the educator wearing it really looked great on her. The fit is really loose and relaxed, but even sizing down you still get the butt covering length and the slouchy look and I just felt like the proportions of the size down was better for me. Size 8 comfortably fits over my Open Your Heart LS, even in the upper arms and armpits. 

The closure is sort of like a double breasted suite with an overlapping lapel and an inner button to secure the inside lapel lays flat, but when you wear it open it doesn’t at all look like an asymmetric jacket.

I really wavered between the orange and the black. The orange looked so great on but I worried about what I could wear underneath it since I prefer the look of this cardigan left open. Orange looked pretty with Clear Mint CRB, probably white, off whites, and other neutral subdued colors. Its really more of a peachy soft orange that reminds me of Persimmon from 2010. Black will have way more use in my closet though so thats what I opted for for now. I’m wondering if we will see this in an off white color, or grey as well.

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