Fit Review: Mula Bundle Wrap, New Green and Green Wee Are From Space Wunder Under Crops

January 27, 2014

Popped into my store today and there was a new green color featured, new Ebb To Street Tanks in Baroque Blue and a Black/Grey Stripe, new Striped In The Flow Crops in Stripe Baroque and Stripe Black and this new Jacket called the Mula Bundle Wrap as well as the new Wee Are From Space Green WU’s. 

I was intrigued by this new heathered army green so I opted to try on the jacket even though I wasn’t interested in the design. The green reminds me of Heathered Amazon which was out in 2010 in the Fireside Hoodie. I grabbed the jacket in my TTS 10 and really didn’t care for it on. Its quite loose fitting so sizing down may make all the difference in the world. Its one of those fussy side zips that really can only be worn closed. Left hanging open it looks really weird. 


New Wee Are From Space Green Wunder Unders

These are the same fit and product composition as the Parallel Striped Wunder Unders. All Nylon lycra with no polyester to make them sheer. I tried on my size down 8 and they are opaque and comfortable. If you were bummed by the Camouflage Wunder Unders which were insanely sheer, these may satisfy your need for camo with the same colors and effect but a much nicer luon. 

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