Thursday, June 20, 2024

Wednesday Upload!!!

by Cristina

Wednesday upload happened at about 9:48pm PST tonight but I wasn’t able to view it (again!) from Chrome or Safari. I had to follow someone else’s link to the new upload. Earlier today I got the Black Striped Swiftly Racerback in exchange for two Gratitude Wraps and a Post Chaturanga Pullover, and tonight I ordered the Pique Mini Check Vinyasa. Did you order anything? 

Loving stripes. 

Yuck! seriously!

Love Angel Blue and glad its back. Would love a solid or Tonka Striped Angel Blue CRB to replace my heathered one. 

This is the Racerback I picked up today. Quite pretty in person and does not photograph as well. 

what’s new, lulu?

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