Monday, June 17, 2024

Upload!! Bullox!!!

by Cristina

Big giant Boo! to Lululemon for only uploading the Parallel Striped WU’s to the US side. Canada got WU Pants in Macro/Micro but no Parallel. US got both the pant and crop on the Parallel. I’m also seriously perturbed that no Canadian store has gotten the Parallel Runday Crops in. 

Did you order the parallel striped WU’s from the US side tonight before they sold out? if so, did you get a confirmation email? I didn’t order anything, although I may have caved for the crop version of the Macro/Micro striped WU’s. 

 I know a lot of you were eying Universal Stripe Black/Black from the mens side and we finally got our own version of it. I like how men’s and women are now sharing prints. They got our Brisk Bloom Soot print as well. 

Got this one last week in store. 

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