Monday, June 17, 2024

Cyber Monday Upload!!!

by Cristina

I told ya! I told you we would see an upload tonight and that it would probably contain the Gratitude Wraps. I publish from my reliable sources from within the inner circle of trust (after learning my lesson with a few false anonymous tips). That and the last two years there was a Cyber Monday upload as well on the Sunday night before so it was a pretty safe bet. I ordered two items tonight, the black Post Chaturanga Pullover and the Heathered Zinfandel Gratitude Wrap. I’m not sure about the Gratitude Wrap though…I have a black swan one so it feels silly ordering it. And I didn’t get the Inkwell one because I have a heathered Navy Sing Floss Travel Jacket… I dunno. Maybe I should have gotten Heathered Inkwell. Maybe neither. I love the look of the Post Chaturanga Pullover but if its like the Don’t Hurry Be Happy Pullover, that was way way too warm for Vancouver weather. Did you order anything tonight? Lots of pretty goodies. Paris Perfection has made its appearance. 

I hoped this was a herringbone pattern but its a heathered grey.

Hustle Jackets are back!

Of course the Gratitude Wrap

I really like the look of this sweater and love that it has merino wool. I need to feel it in store though and I want to know if its 100% Merino or if its a blend. I’ve so far loved the 100% Merino Harmonious Hoodie. I LOVE the name of this sweater too. Reminds me of  Inside Passage on the BC Ferries and fishermen sweaters. 

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