Friday, June 14, 2024

Boxing Day Store Report

by Cristina

Boxing Day at Lululemon was a total bust for me. It was mostly all the stuff that was online last night but I did see a few black Fleecy Keen Jackets marked down but only in lower sizes. I also found Surge Gross Gingham Groovy Run Shorts for $29 and almost got those but then ended up passing. I saw the new Bhakti Jacket but my store only had them in white and black and in person I just didn’t love it. Maybe in Baroque Blue I would have been tempted. The Petal Pop Cool Racerback was really not tempting at all. Its high polyester but the inside is white so when the print stretches out you see the white grooves in the fabric – that and I just didn’t care for the print so I wont be getting anything in Petal Pop. After Lululemon and Aritzia where a bust my sister and I drove out to Winners and I ended up finding a pair of nice J Brand Jeans. That was all for me today. Did you guys find anything at Lululemon or otherwise for Boxing Day today? 

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