Friday, June 14, 2024

12 Days Of Christmas: Day 11 – November

by Cristina

I have this post pre written and scheduled to post so hopefully it posts when its supposed to, while I’m entertaining for Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my readers! Thank you so much for spending time here throughout the year and for creating such a great community!! I’ll hopefully have a post up for Christmas Day/Boxing Day as well and I’m certain we will see new items upload to the website for Boxing Day as well as a ton of markdowns. 

The Fluff Off items where such a huge hit this month. I fully expected to pick up a piece from this line but I just wasn’t happy with the fit of them on me as well as the functionality of them for my lifestyle although I loved the colors and textures. Instead, I picked up the Surge Base Runner Hoodie which I love. November was so full of colors and color combos I love and yet at the end of the month I found myself disappointed that we didn’t see any Cool Racerback Tanks in Deep Zinfandel or Winter Orchid. I hoped we’d at least see the Winter Orchid Ebb To Street Tank that Australia got, but we never did. Still, I found some way to stock up on some great items such as the Assorted Stripe Pinks Cool Racerback, Beautiful Baroque Cool Racerback, Deep Zinfandel In The Flow Crops and the Surge Base Runner Hoodie. I do regret not getting a Fleecy Keen Jacket which I think I’ll look out for on Boxing Day. 

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