Friday, June 14, 2024

The Latest: Fluff Off Vest, Pullover and Jacket, Base Runner LS, Base Runner Pant and Push Ur Limits Tank

by Cristina

I had such a hard time choosing what Fluff Off Item and in what color I would get last night. I love the Herringbone on the black, but I don’t wear much black at all. Love the surge and the lack of contrasting on it but prefer Zinfandel on me and am not as crazy about the lighter pique. In the end I chose the Zinfandel Fluff Off Jacket because I think its the most versatile for me, but I may exchange it for something else later in the week. 

Fluff Off Vest, Jacket. Base Runner LS and Pants

 Fluff Off Vest, Base Runner LS and Base Runner Pants

Fleecy Keen Jacket. 

Base Runner Long Sleeve

Push Ur Limits Tank

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