by Cristina

Stephen Colbert Mocks Lululemon Founder Chip Wilson

November 19, 2013

Last week, The Colbert Report featured our other Canadian treasure, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford (why don’t we have long range tranquilizer darts for situations like these?). This week, Stephen Colbert talked about Chip Wilson in Alpha Dog Of The Week. ‘Apparently Spanx is not an invitation’. LOL!

“Not every CEO has the savvy to live by the marketing mantra, the customer is always fat,” said Colbert. “But Chip knows that calling out on your clientele’s chub rub is good marketing. It makes them feel insecure about their bodies, thus causing them to work out more which means they need more athletic clothes… cha-ching!”

“You hear that ladies? Chip Wilson is sad that your chafing hemhocks made him put his employees through this ‘difficult time’… it was a perfectly good apology, but some women’s bodies just don’t work for it. If Chip’s I’m sorry wasn’t good enough, your probably couldn’t hear it over the rubbing of your fat thighs,” said Colbert.

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