Monday, June 17, 2024

New Floral Print and New Cool Racerback

by Cristina

I’m loving this new floral print. What I love about it is the depth of the print and how it goes from high contrast botanicals in the background to softly shaded florals in the foreground. Really interesting! Any anonymous educators out there care to share the name of this print? 

I stopped in at my store for the first time in two weeks and didn’t expect to buy anything. They had both the Assorted Striped Cool Racerbacks and normally I would gravitate to the blue/green one but I just fell in love with the Raspberry/Deep Zinfandel one so I brought that one home. It is not made in Canada but it is all nylon without any polyester which was surprising considering most stripes are somewhat polyestery, and it was quite soft. Both Assorted Stripe CRB’s where the same composition and softness but this pink/purple one was so much more vibrant.

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