Friday, June 14, 2024

Fit Review: Fluff Off Jacket, And The Latest: 2 In Run Tank

by Cristina

Well, my Fluff Off Jacket arrived yesterday and I was super disappointed. I had high hopes that I would love it but the fit was just really unflattering on me over the hips in my TTS. My Turn Around Jacket from last year is the same size is much more flattering (and doesn’t have the stretchy waist panels), yet this one is cut so narrow over the hips that it bunches and rides. I could try a size up but I think the fit of this jacket is not cut in a flattering way for curvier figures. Also, the Turn Around Jacket from last year is only 600 Fill Down while this Fluff Off is listed as 800 – and they feel the exact same in warmth. I had ordered this one in hopes that it would be a warmer option. I took it back today thinking that I might exchange it for the Fluff Off Pullover but my size was sold out in my preferred color. I tried the Fluff Off Pullover in a size down and it fit well enough but I really wanted my TTS which fit great in another color (strange since the jacket version fits so weird). My TTS in the pullover was actually pretty roomy in the hips and fit comfortably over a thicker long sleeve shirt I had on underneath. I also tried on the Fleecy Kleen Jacket in Deep Indigo with the Rose Gold zipper and really, really loved it. It fit really well and was quite comfortable but I couldn’t bite the bullet at the price. I ended up just exchanging for the Herringbone Forme Jacket but I may go back and get the Fleecy Kleen at some point. 

Can you tell I hate it? 

Fleecy Keen

2 In Run Tank

We haven’t seen many pictures of the Surge Cool Racerback. I just love it. Nice soft and thick luon and made in Canada!

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