Friday, June 21, 2024


by Cristina

Upload at 9:45 pm PST. Well, I ordered the Forme Jacket *Herringbone but I’m not exactly sure what I’m getting since the images are all of the Pique Forme Jacket. The Nice Asana Jacket on the other hand is listed as Herringone and is actually a picture of a Herringbone Nice Asana. Unfortunately its got contrasted sleeves on it which I hate, and its styled with the uber hipster chambray shirt which I detest. 

 The Paisley Inkwell CRB is pretty but the Paisley print isn’t my thing, and I can tell this is a heavy polyester CRB. 

I’m not going to lie. I was tempted tonight to buy the Harmonious Hoodie in Buff. I have it in Corflower and I have worn it none stop since I got it a few weeks ago so much so that my husband got me the black one as well. I’m obsessed with this hoodie. The trick to washing it seems to be washing in cold with regular detergent (not wool detergent!) and washing it with a pair of jeans which helps defuzz it, then lay flat to dry. I found these washing suggestions on the IceBreaker website and so far so good after two washes. Its 100% Merino Wool so you definitely want to take extra care in washing it appropriately so that the fibres stay nice.

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