Sunday, June 23, 2024

The Latest: Karmady Short Sleeve, Karmady Pullover, Dhyana Short Sleeve and More

by Cristina

I am really looking forward to Mondays upload since the last upload was pretty boring and didn’t really showcase any of the new October palette (Green Bean, Inkwell, Cornflower, Pretty Pink). It’s been such a boring lulu week that I’ve found myself shopping randomly at places like The Gap with the sole focus of Camo print items. Weird. I’m guessing Lululemon will put out the upcoming rumoured camo print (traditional version plus a cranberry/pink version) sometime in January. I find lululemon is pretty late on picking up the trends that other stores have picked up. For example, when emerald green was huge in the early spring, Lululemon put out very limited amounts of Very Green months later after all the other stores had their fill of the color. Another lululemon item that has me interested (but is not on my budget at the mo) is the Urbanite Blazer . That one I hope gets a curtain call at some point since it’s such a flattering fit and a great transition piece. 

Karmady Short Sleeve

I like the look of these but man, the material is super delicate. Even in store, the pullover I saw had fuzzy snags on them. That is so not worth it for $58. 

 So far the only picture I’ve found of the hooded Karmady Pullover

Dhyana Short Sleeve. I love everything about this tee with the exception of the scalloped hem. If it came in more colors I may be tempted by one. 

Cornflower Forme II Jacket and Angel Wing Pacesetter Skirt 

Nice Asana Jacket in Inkwell/Green Bean Slalom Stripe 

No Limit Tank in Inkwell/Paisley

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