Monday, June 17, 2024

The Latest: Cornflower Live Simply Hoodie, Pretty Pink Slalom Stripe Nice Asana Jacket

by Cristina

I stopped in at my store today because now that the Pique and Herringbone Wunder Unders are totally sold out I felt a deep need to have a pair. I’ve checked  my store a few times already and they were sold out but today they had new Herringbone Wunder Unders in as well as a restock on the Wunder Under Luxtreme Crops. I was tempted by those as well but left them behind. If you are like me and also decided you want herringbone WU’s you should check your store cubbies again as I think they are restocking these periodically. 

Cornflower and Inkwell Live Simply Jacket

Pretty Pink Slalom Nice Asana Jacket

 En Route Jacket

 Harmonious Hoodie

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