Thanks to a very lovely reader from Australia, ‘Ms. S’ We have a great shot of the new Green Bean Cool Racerback next to other recent greens. From left to right clockwise: Fresh Teal, Heathered Menthol, Frond Gingham, Green Bean and Very Green. Ms. S describes this green as a very vibrant, more so than what is captured in the picture. I’ve also been told its a very vibrant apple green and that it’s quite soft (No Polyester!!!!)  I can’t wait for this CRB to come to North America. Incidentally, I am also super excited for a Pretty Pink Slalom Stripe CRB and Vinyasa Scarf and a Heathered Soot Light Cool Racerback. Somebody buy my ‘for sale’ items listed on the right menu…my wish list is now longer than my budget. 


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