Friday, June 14, 2024

The Latest: Dance Studio Jackets in Cornflower and Angel Wing, Yoga Over Skirt, Ebb To Street Tank and More

by Cristina

I just love this model from one of the Calgary stores, she makes everything look amazing. Wearing the Dance Studio Jacket in Angel Wing, The Pow Stripe Nice Asana Jacket and the Studio Softshell Jacket in Angel Wing Tweed. 

 Cornflower Blue and Angel Wing Dance Studio Jacket

 Ebb To Street Tank

I’m curious about this tank but worried about the cling factor

Yoga Over Skirt

This is a great idea actually, now that I know its luon. Not liking the wide stripes though. 

 Nice Asana Jacket

ziggy Wunder Under Pants and C.Y.B Tank

 Cool Racerback *ruffled up

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