Friday, June 14, 2024

Store Report And The Latest: Ebb To Street Tank, C.Y.B Tank and More

by Cristina

I stopped by my store today with the intent of returning my Pow Stripe Angel Wing/Plum Cool Racerback that I ordered on upload and I ended up exchanging it for the Ebb To Street Tank in Cornflower Blue. In person, these tanks are so gorgeous. Beautiful saturated colors, extremely soft, and really comfortable. I went with my larger CRB size 10 (I do 8’s sometimes) and it fits perfect except the bra is pretty much just two cup pockets. The inner shelf bra is so soft and none compressive that for crossfit I will have to wear an Energy Bra under it. For casual wear though it’s fine without layering a bra underneath it. That was almost a deal breaker until I tried it on with an Energy Bra and surprisingly the back straps are almost completely hidden and you see the cute peak of bra at the top of the neckline but thats all. I had reservations with this tank when I saw it online because as someone with a none firm tummy, I need there to be zero cling in the trouble areas. Going with the size 10 was perfect though because it just sort of skims your body without being glued on. 

If you are on the fence, get this tank. The material is extremely luxuriously soft, and the ribbing and texture make it look really pretty as a casual layering piece as well. 

Another thing that I got today was the Forme II Jacket in Angel Wing Hyper Stripe. That was a really naughty and out of budget purchase for me since my original intent was to exchange the CRB for the Hyper Stripe Angel Wing Vinyasa Scarf. This Forme II jacket always catches my eye in store every time I go in, but I’ve never allowed myself to try it on. I’m obsessed with Angel Stripe Hyper Stripe and so today, I tried it and fell totally in love. I did like the Vinyasa but I’m not much of a scarf wearer and I didn’t care for the inside of it being solid Angel Wing so that stayed in store and the Forme II jacket came home for a visit instead. I’m keeping it though, because I love it. I opted for the 10 in that (my Contempos are size 8, my Defines where size 12, my Dance Studio Jackets are size 10), and its comfortable and relaxed. 

Plum Ebb To Street Tank

Cornflower Blue Ebb To Street Tank with Vinyasa 

 Pow Stripe Angel Wing/Plum Power Y

Cornflower C.Y.B Tank

A nice picture of the Tweed Studio Softshell

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