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Store Report and Fit Review: Studio Softshell *Tweed, Ziggy We September WU’s, Won’t Stop Vest, Suns Out Guns Out Vest, Full Tilt Pullover

by Cristina

Studio Softshell *Tweed

SO I tried on the Studio Softshell again today and now I’m uncertain about it. One one hand I love it, and on the other hand I think it doesn’t fit as nicely as it should on me. I love it from the back and the sides, love the hood, the front shoulders are a bit off to me.  The material is stiff and you can really see that in the pictures, it doesn’t relax down onto your body. Its soft and cozy though on the inside and the softshell does have a bit of stretch.

My preference for size was my sort of size down 8 because the TTS 10 was really big. I can easily fit a bulky sweater under the 8 and in fact I was wearing my Dance Studio Jacket underneath the Angel Wing *Tweed one. For reference though, I’m a bit between an 8 and a 10. My CRB’s are 50/50 size 8 and 10, my Contempo Jacket is an 8, my DSJ is 10, my Defines where 12’s. Confusing and unhelpful, I know.

So, readers, I think I need your help deciding if this jacket is a total fail, just ‘meh’, or a total keeper. I’m feeling really indecisive on it. 

Size 8, Angel Wing Tweed

 Love the back and side views and how the hood balances out the rest of the jacket

 Size 8 Black *Tweed

Size 10 Black *Tweed

City To Studio Jacket, Size 8 *Tweed

this was awful on me. It was really tight at the hip and flared out at the waist. I didn’t even want to bother trying on a larger size. I got the 8 by mistake when I thought it was the Studio Softshell. Nothing against the jacket, it’s just not made for my body type.  

Full Tilt Pullover size 10

This definitely felt like an updated fit from last years. I really liked last years version but I also really like this years version and I think it fixes the issue a lot of people had with last years boat neck. The neckline sits narrower then last years very wide boatneck, and the length of the top feels overall longer. Last year, the fit around the middle was a bit slouchier over the cuffed hem. Loved the color. It also felt a bit thicker than last years. 

Suns Out Guns Out Vest, size 10

This vest fit pretty much like a scuba without arms. It does not come with detachable arms, its just a vest. It came in Beaming Blue, Raspberry (I think) or perhaps Pinkaliceous and Faded Zap. I wonder if these were actually a batch of Scubas that were incorrectly made in the sleeves so they saved the material and created vests. Makes sense since the colorways are from the summer. I’m sorry, I didn’t check the price on it. 

Wont Stop Vest, Size 10

This was a surprising item. I really liked the materials in this which is a matte Glyde, and the inside is RULU but it’s so soft I had to double check because it felt like a cotton jersey. I’m not sure how much warmth this will provide on a cold run, but it’s snugly and I love the cuffed hem. I’m intrigued enough with the materials that I want to try on the Can’t Stop Jacket. It did fit snug though in the size 10, comfortable yet not relaxed looking so I’d probably opt for a darker color. 

The Ziggy Wee September Glo

I was really surprised at the material of the ziggy items because last year I hated it. Last years version was a loopy knit weave that felt very hot, and was blended with polyester. This years version is soft and silky and feels like static luon, and is all Nylon/Lycra. I’m confused as to how the print can look so similar yet it’s obviously made in a very different way. 

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