I dropped in to my local store this morning and there wasn’t a ton of the new stuff in. I tried on the Fluffin’ Awesome Vest and I really love the look of it, its really light weight, however, it was really snug in the arms. I take a size 8 or 10 in jackets and only grabbed the 8 to try on. Usually if the 8’s to small on me it’s just slightly short or snug on my hips. This was perfect everywhere except the arms. The arms where supper snug from elbow to armpit. If you are between two sizes, definitely go with your upper size. Maybe even an extra size up. I also tried on the Studio Softshell in black (they didn’t get tweed in which is the one I want) and was surprised to really like it a lot. The 8 was perfect and layerable and if you are short like me, the length of this jacket is a lot more flattering than a lot of longer jackets. I especially liked how the back hem was longer than the front. It was a surprisingly slimming jacket on me when I expected it to be really boxy and wide. 

Run Speed Shorts in Plum

I didn’t see these when I was in store earlier this morning.

Rest Lest tanks were in store today

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