by Cristina

Cornflower Blue Dance Studio Jacket and Color Comparison: Cornflower Blue, Porcelain, Beaming Blue

September 9, 2013

I stopped in my store today in hopes of seeing the 105F singlets finally stocked, but unfortunately they are still not in. So far, no Canadian store has stocked them. I did see the new Angel Wing and Cornflower Blue Dance Studio Jackets and I picked up the blue to bring home and compare it for you. It is so very similar to my Porcelain Dance Studio Jacket from last year that I’m not even slightly tempted to keep it. Cornflower Blue is brighter, and possibly a little nicer than Porcelaine, but it also has the contrasting grey hood ties which I do not like. Porcelaine is also all one shade while Cornflower shows the tonal shift between the ribbed luon and swift material a lot more sharply. 

If you missed out on Porcelain last year and kick yourself for it, get this one. It’s a good substitution and makes paying the big ebay $$ not worth it. If you already have last years Porcelain, you really really don’t need this one.

I am really looking forward to the 105F Singlet in Cornflower though. 

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