I ended up deciding that this years Right As Rain Jacket in a size 8 is fitting me better than my Right As Rain Jacket in size 10 from last year. I prefer last years Bordeaux Drama and finishing to this years but its just really big on me in the chest and I’m doing a strict Whole30 in September so I’m wanting to part with it. If any of you are interested in last years version in a size 10, email me at [email protected]. I’d like to sell it for $189 plus shipping. 

This years Swiftly 1/2 Zip is missing the reflective zipping in the zipper for some reason. I really liked that feature last year.

Forme II Jacket in Split Pea Pow Stripe

Angel Wing Hyper Stripe

Plum Cool Racerback

I picked this one up yesterday and quite like it. It’s a nylony CRB, and slightly thinner than some of my other nylon based CRB’s, but I don’t mind that. Because its thinner I opted to go with a size 10 vs 8. I also just received the Split Pea Pow Stripe CRB and don’t really care for that one. Its got a bit of polyester in it, not noticeable though, I’m just not a huge fan of wide stripes I guess. That will be going back to store. 

Power Y in Pow Stripes

Scoop Neck Tank

I’ve seen some weird stripe placements on this one at the bust seam. Colors doubling up so that its an extra wide swath of one color. 

 Nice Asana Jacket and High/Low Wunder Unders

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