Sunday, June 23, 2024

Product Drop Monday: Dance Studio Jacket III

by Cristina

 I made it out to a store today to pick up the newest Dance Studio Jacket III and I really love it in the Plum. I got it in a size 10 (I waver between size 8 and 10, last years DSJ I got in a size 10). I tried on the 8 which was too snug and zipping it up was hard since there was tension in the zipper, so I tried on the 10 and it fit well, although looser fitting than my size 10 from last year. I will try and post a comparison picture today of my size 10 Porcelain DSJ and my new size 10 Plum DSJ. I think this years version is Durable Water Resistant. It’s not marked DWR on the hang tag but one of the stores posted that it is and shows a picture of water beads on the jacket (below). This years DSJ is priced at $128 which I think is the same price as last year, but I still had sticker shock when mine rang up at $143 with taxes. Need to think about how badly I need and want this one. 

You can see in this picture the water beading up on the jacket.

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