by Cristina

Photos Of The Latest: Plum In The Flow II Crops, New Scubas, Fluffin’ Awesome Vest, Dance Studio III Jacket, Plum Street To Studio Crops

August 20, 2013

Plum In The Flow Crops with Split Pea Swiftly SS and Black Fluffin’ Awesome Vest

Plum Dance Studio Jacket

Adorable new Afterglow Scuba Hoodie

Bliss Break Hoodie in Afterglow/Plum

Angel Wing Fluffin’ Awesome Vest over Plum Tuck And Flow Long Sleeve

Love this color combo!

 Plum Fluffin’ Awesome Vest

I think I prefer the Angel Wing one because you don’t have that very obvious satin/matte contrast on it. 

Plum Street To Studio Crops

my favourite picture so far of the Plum Dance Studio Jacket

New Scubas! Afterglow is so fun!

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