Friday, June 14, 2024

Outfit Pictures: Plum Dance Studio Jacket, Plum In The Flow Crops, Midnight Iris Forme II Jacket

by Cristina

I love how Plum pairs so well with pinks and so many other colors. I wonder how it would look paired with Very Green. 

These Ebb and Flow Crops in Plum are the absolute best ones so far. Really thick and opaque (even when sizing down), compressive, and the color is super saturated. I plan on pairing mine with Heathered Menthol, Sizzling, Angel Wing Slolem Stripe and possibly Limitless Blue.

This is such a great print on this jacket. 

This is a good picture showing the Pow Stripe Energy Bra. I’ve been wondering what the diagonal print would look like peaking out the top of a tank.

Softshell Studio Jacket. I’d be more interested in this jacket if they all didn’t have the contrasting color panels. 

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