Here is a comparison of the new Plum Dance Studio Jacket next to last years Porcelain Dance Studio Jacket, both size 10’s. The fit is pretty much identical with the exception of the arms. The new jacket is much more relaxed in the arms while the old one is snug. The seam detailing on the arms and ruching is the same, just looks different with the different fit. I also really like the shorter cuff on the sleeve of the new jacket. I find the Dance Studio Jacket a bit hard to put on after a really sweaty work out so I think the looser fitting arms will definitely improve that issue.  Because of the ribbed luon waist, if you have a mummy tummy or muffin top like I do and you are self conscious about it, it may show in your TTS so I would go up a size for that reason alone. I mostly wear mine with my high waisted Ebb and Flows so I’m not really bothered by that, and I wear them with jeans because mostly I don’t care. I stayed TTS for me or a half size up (some of my jackets are size 8, some are 10’s) but I’m carrying a few extra pounds these days from too much patio time, and I’m hoping to get back down to fighting size in September. 


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