Drat! nothing for me tonight although I have been wanting that Current Energy Bra for a long time. Now I’m not sure if I’m going to get it. Some new Fall colors up tonight though – Blue Moon, Plum, Raspberry Glow, Split Pea. Did you guys order anything? I would have loved a CRB in the new fall colors or a 105F singlet. 

Energy Tank, Blue Moon

Cute! I like this. 

Love this color combo of Plum/Raspberry Glow and what looks like a new pattern called Hyper Stripe Raspberry Glow Light (I think its a plum/raspberry stripe)

 I think this bag is super cute. I’ve been needing a smaller bag that I can carry my laptop in. Should be lots of more bag options the closer we get to back to school season. 

Why can’t there be Run: Track Attack Shorts in this color combo? 

two weeks ago I would have snatched this up

 Again, I love this color combo. So cute!

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