Thank GOD there is nothing really tempting me today (except always a new CRB in new a new color). I am waiting on August colors now that I know Plum/Bordeaux is coming. I’ve been waiting on a Love Red Energy Bra and may have been tempted if it had uploaded but it was not to be tonight. There is a ‘new’ ‘luon’ called Full-On Luon and apparently it’s a denser weave with more compression (was pants gate a way to roll out this new luon?). I’m sure it’s absolutely lovely and everything we’ve been asking for but I also believe this is true luon as we knew it three years ago. However they want to spin it, looks like the pricing is the same. I hope they can produce this new luon in all the colors. I’m giving them *side-eye* on the marketing, as always. Did you guys order anything tonight? 

sneak peek at a new tank. Love it! Plum 105F Singlet? 

Looks like sheer luon jersey. Could it be a return of the 105F singlet? If it is it’s mineseys. 

Blue Moon

This is an interesting new light cotton french terry jacket. You can see in the Sizzle colorway how much tencil it has. I hate tencil. It fades, wrinkles and ages almost immediately.  

I kind of love this new Sizzle Twin Stripe CRB but I got solid Sizzle and I always gravitate to the solid versions over stripes (unless it’s black/white/grey in which case I gravitate to more interesting patterns/stripes). I’m passing on this but it’s adorable. 

Love this too. Colors look so much more saturated in luxtreme. 

 Tempted by this Free To Be Bra. I have one from last year that I had not worn much until recently. I’d love it if I could wear it to crossfit but it’s just not enough support for me. 


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