by Cristina


July 2, 2013

Well, I’m a bit surprised that a few items didn’t get uploaded tonight. Mainly the Spry CRB and Spry Contempo Jacket. I’d worked myself up to wanting the solid Spry CRB because some stores have received them today, yet it wasn’t uploaded. Oh well, I guess I’ll check out the my local stores tomorrow and hopefully I can grab a CRB. I did order the Soot Light CRB though, which I love. The Black/Black Reverse Wunder Unders are very pretty. I wish it was more descriptive than just ‘black’ as it’s obviously got a pattern to it. I believe those Wunder Unders where out last year so possibly they are old quality inventory.  US finally got the Groovy Stripe Multi CRB!!

What did you guys order tonight?

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