by Cristina

Color Comparison: Sizzle To Mac N Cheese

July 10, 2013

I just received my Sizzle Cool Racerback and it’s gorgeous!!! It’s as close as you can get to Mac N Cheese without being the same identical color. Sizzle is slightly brighter and cooler while Mac is warmer, but the difference is barely perceptible. As an added bonus, Sizzle is made in Canada and has ZERO Polyester. Winning!! You may ask why I need two yellows so close in tone. Mac N Cheese is my top favourite CRB of all time and since it’s been such a rare color for lululemon (last out in 2009, and no yellow has come close till now) I rarely wear it for fear of ruining it and not being able to replace it. At Crossfit, the barbells are often rough and abrasive on my chest so I tend not to wear my favorite irreplaceable CRB’s on lift days. I would definitely love to get a Mod Moves CRB in Sizzle as well. 

Left: Mac N Cheese, Right: Sizzle Yellow

Empress Mala Designs

Empress Mala Designs