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A Third Lawsuit Against Lululemon!

July 5, 2013

Oh boy, this is hard to keep up with. Another class action law suit has been brought forth against Lululemon. I reported a few days ago that Lululemon is being sued in a class action lawsuit, and earlier this summer, an individual law suit was filed against Lululemon from pension fund shareholders. All of these lawsuits are in relation to the recall of black luon pants and interesting SEC filings that occurred in and around that time, leading some investors to allege fraudulent share handling. I wonder if a former employee,  chief something or other may be next. This is bad. Very, very bad.  This summer lululemon had posted a job ad titled #dreamjobalert in search for a ‘rad lawyer’, and I really hope they hired ‘the raddest’ lawyer around’ because she/he will be very busy. 


Lululemon Faces Third US Class Action Suit Related To Recall Of Black Luon Pants

Lululemon Sued By Soured Shareholder In Natick

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