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Fit Review: In The Flow Crop Very Green

March 6, 2013

I just received my Very Green In The Flow Crops and as promised, I did not delay in getting you a fit report STAT 🙂 It is love at first glance inside the bag, and on. I ended up ordering my size down, size 8, with plans of wearing them once I’m solidly in size 8, which is why I think these ones are slightly sheer. I find all Ebb and Flow type crops TTS and NOT size down items, so keep that in mind. These where not super sheer like the flare ones apparently are but they were sheer. Only when in a deep squat can you see the tags, but since that is 99% of crossfit workouts I’m probably going to wait on wearing these until I’m more in the middle range of a size 8. Again, the sheerness may be due to the fact that these are not my current size. I love these though, crazy as they are. They are the same length as the original Ebb and Flows, and shorter than the most recent Ebb & Flow II’s. I find the rise to be quite similar to both the current Ebb & Flow II’s and first run Ebb & Flows. 

**I must add that one thing that concerns me with the In The Flow Crops is that the inner legs are ribbed material, and since my thighs will always touch, I worry that the ribbed material will abrade much faster. 

I also got my Energy Bra in Faded Zap and that is definitely a keeper. Love Faded Zap, especially in luxtreme. 

Paired with: Raspberry Glow

Paired with: Lolo and Faded Zap

Paired with: Black Swan and Faded Zap

Color Comparison: Savage Green CRB over top of Very Green In The Flow Crops

The colors are remarkably similar with the Very Green being slightly lighter which I attribute to the way the fabric mutes all colors. I’d wager that CRB to CRB it will be the same color. Yippee!

Thanks to ‘Ms. K’ for contributing the photos below of her recent run Ebb & Flow II Crops with her In The Flow Crops. 

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