by Cristina

Fit Review: Inkwell Gingham Wunder Unders

January 16, 2013

I managed to get to a store today and I found the newest Inkwell Gingham Wunder Unders I posted about earlier today, and they are really adorable. I’m just not sure they are very flattering on my more muscular legs as the print really accentuates curves and muscles. I need to think on them, but I’m really torn. They are also more prone to CT due to the darker seam, and the much less stretchy material – I didn’t feel comfortable posting pictures here without a long top on! It’s a luon blend of 49% Nylon, 43%Polyester and 8% Lycra Spandex. I got my usual size 10 (and have lost fair bit of weight since I last purchased WU’s) and the 10’s where pretty stiff coming on and compressive, not quite tight, but almost. They don’t seem see thru, but it’s hard to tell in indoor lighting at night. They feel quite different from regular luon because of the knit, they are thinner but opaque, and slightly rough (almost like Ebb and Flows but without the stretch) so although my other WU’s in size 10 are a bit looser, I’d not size down in these ones mostly due to the camel toe that would surely happen so definitely a snug TTS. Once on I was surprised to find they were a little itchy, and I could tell that once I sweat in them they will be even itchier. I don’t know, I need to try them on again tomorrow in day light and with a more open mind. I love how the print looks and how springy the print is. It will look so adorable with a cute pair of sandals and a tee…but not sure all the other nits I have with them are worth it. What a bummer!!! I was super excited about these ones. 

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